Methodology & Permissionless credit class

Dive into Chatafisha's Methodology

Our communities are tackled by various issues such as lack of basic needs such as classrooms, hygienic toilets, lack of jobs and many more. Furthermore, it seems to be a never-ending challenge when it comes to waste and the emissions of carbon in our communities. The global waste challenge presents itself in three forms:

  • Waste collection

  • Waste management and

  • Waste regeneration

Waste Management Infrastructure

One of the major challenges waste pickers face is not having a smartphone to utilize the dApp. However, most of these waste pickers normally belong to a designated collection point where they go to sort, group and weigh their plastic; and most of the collection points posses smartphones. Collection points and projects, beach cleanups can submit their projects in accordance to global standards such as Verra which would allow them to unlock quality credits for work they already do on a daily basis, albeit for unfavourable and uncertain circumstances.

Permissionless Credit Class & Streamlining of Eco-Projects

As part of our regenerative mission, we have also been onboarded and work closley with Regen Network to develop a permissionless credit class methodology that will be used not only in Tanzania, but all other countries within the global working on regeneration. Furthermore, there are a variety of credit classes as well that regenerative projects can opt to select from in the field they are working on so they can be eligible for ecological credits for the regenerative work they do on the ground. Some of these Credit classes include:

  • Credit Class for Waste and Co-benefits for Waste pickers

  • GHG Benefits in Managed Crop and Grassland systems

  • Credit Class for Grazing in Vineyard Systems

  • Ruuts Credit Class for Soil Carbon Sequestration in Grazing systems

  • Credit Class for Carbon Removal through Biochar

  • CarbonPlus Methodology for Grazing systems

Other approved methodologies can be found on the registry here

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