Funders, Businesses & Corporate organizations

How Funders & Corporate organizations can use the dApp to offset their footprints

Corporate Organization also have the obligation to offset their carbon footprints and more often are not sure of the eligibility of projects and initiatives they support. Through Chatafisha, they now have the option to offset their footprints through verified and registered waste pickers, where they can fund / provide liquidity and transparently see how much is being offset on a day to day basis.

Individuals as well as Organizations, CSR and ESG departments can offset their carbon footprint by providing them with a more efficient and reliable way to invest in green initiatives that promote sustainability and reduce carbon emissions.

The platform could enable organizations to invest in green initiatives such as waste recycling and clean energy production. The waste recycling process facilitated by the dApp would help reduce carbon emissions by minimizing waste sent to landfills, reducing the need for new landfills, and conserving resources. The organizations will also receive Green FUCHA NFTs as part of their fund, enabling everyone to transparently see their dedication towards sustainability but also keep track of DAO proposals regarding the community.

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