Carbon backed NFTs Marketplace

Carbon backed NFT, utilities & use cases and governance

FUCHA, short form for ‘Fedha Uchafu’ in Swahili, is and innovative plastic collection that seeks to implement a Impact to earn gamified Marketplace, where anyone all over the world can be incentivized for their actions towards sustainability and proper waste management. The goal is to add value to the plastic collection process and ultimately to the waste collectors who are currently not being compensated fairly in the value chain considering the impact of the work they do.

A more structured value chain will bring more value to incentivize the key players in the plastic collection process. The carbon backed green NFTs will contain metaddata which inludes the name of the offseter (picker), type of waste, amount as well as location that the offset has been done. These NFTs will be minted as Impact certificates that can also be issued to investors, in this situation, corporate organizations, as a token for funding our efforts in plastic waste management as well as a way for them to take part in supporting green climate initiative projects indirectly by acquiring the plastic credit certification.

In the long-run the NFTs will be used for governance of the DAO where members can then collectiveky decide on community developments or projects in their respective areas/communities. For instance a community member can put up a proposal to build a classroom in their school off the plastic collected in the area and converted to eco-products.

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