Waste recyclers (Verifiers)

Waste recyclers' functionalities on the dApp, as well as how they can act as on-ground verification

In the waste management channel, there are recyclers who recycle plastic into various eco-friendly products such as eco-bricks, eco-tiles, poles and much more. Once the collection points have put the data on the d'App, the information is then verified again by the Waste recyclers who act as second verifiers on the ground to verify the amount and quality of plastic received from various collection points.

The dApp would benefit waste recyclers who act as on the ground verifiers by providing them with a more efficient and reliable process for verifying the quality of waste materials collected. The platform could enable waste recyclers to access real-time data on the waste collected, including the type, quantity, and quality of the waste.

This would allow waste recyclers to make informed decisions about the waste materials they receive and process, leading to more efficient recycling processes and reduced waste contamination. Additionally, the platform could enable waste recyclers to provide feedback on the quality of the waste collected, enabling waste collection points and waste pickers to improve their collection and sorting practices.

The incentivized stable coin system would also benefit waste recyclers by providing them with a financial reward for verifying the quality of the waste collected. This would incentivize waste recyclers to participate in the platform and provide accurate feedback on the waste materials they receive.

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