What is Chatafisha?

Learn what Chatafisha is about, mission & values to regeneration

At CHATAFISHA, we are dedicated to leaving a positive mark on the world by revolutionizing waste management and championing carbon removal through proof of impact and streamlining verified ecological projects.. Chatafisha comes from two Swahili words; Chata, meaning mark and Safisha, which means to clean up, altogether meaning regeneration by leaving a mark.

Beginning with Dar es Salaam in Tanzania, our innovative approach combines a decentralized platform, plastic regeneration, and carbon offsetting to address the pressing issue of waste in urban and coastal areas as well as streamlining of verifiable impact projects working on carbon removal.

One of the ways we empower local communities by incentivizing plastic waste pickers to collect, rack plastic waste and receieve a universal basic income, which we then transform into valuable, reusable materials such as eco-bricks and eco-furniture. Through our commitment to environmental sustainability and social impact, CHATAFISHA strives to redefine waste, promote a carbon free environment and create a cleaner, greener future for all.

Another way we empower startups working in the climate space such as renewable energies, pyrolisis, sustainable agriculture, beach cleanups, waste regneration and much more to obtain verifiable data of their regenerative work to attain eco-credits. We firmly believe that these should be eligible to any individual working on verifiable impact.

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