How does it work?

Details on how to interact, use and trade on the Marketplace

1. Create a wallet and Connect to the Marketplace

First of all, you will need to create a Near Wallet, rename it to your preferred username and connect to the Marketplace. This will enable us to know which address to mint the NFT to. You will need abit of gas fees for this (extremely cheap) however, if any challenges arise you can join our Discord or WhatsApp channels and we can assist you with the process

2. Collect waste / Report Regenerative work and claim NFT on the contact section

Collect, assemble and measure your waste, insert your name and email. Insert your subject for example "Marcus 20kgs". On the message part, insert all the relevant metadata that will back the NFT, this includes the type of waste, amount, location of the removal as well as finally upload an image of proof. Once yiu submit on send message we will receive the information, verify it and mint you a Carbon backed NFT with the relevant metadata to your wallet.

3. Trade your NFTs for rarity, Impact to earn

Once you receive your NFT, you will be able to view all your collections under "My collection". Here you will be able to exchange, trade and illustrate your NFTs and impact regeneration with your community. You can exchange NFTs based on rarity levels and breed them to receive more rarity and value. We have also introduced a leadership dashboard where we will have weekly contests and the winners will have various incentives such as special minted NFTs and stable coins to their wallet. In the longrun the NFTs will provide access to governance of Chatafisha DAO.

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