Waste pickers

How waste pickers can use the dApp and access liquidity

Verified and registered waste pickers will be able to use the dApp to upload and keep track of daily records of the plastic that they have actually offset from the environment. Once the information is verified, they will then be streamlined payments to their subwallets. If they do not own a phone, then the funds will be streamlined to the wastepicker's designated collection point close to their locations where they will then be able to off-ramp and receive their cash.

As information of their daily offsets is kept on-chain, this enables keeping track of how much has each individual offset in total as well on an average daily, which would allow them to be eligible for incentives such as health insurance and tokens/points credit system that will enable them to attain small micro-credit loans backed against the amount of daily average offsets they make. As the data is kept onchain, it allows tracking of the waste pickers' activities, including the amount and quality of waste collected. The platform could also enable waste pickers to receive their incentives in the form of physical tokens or cash, allowing them to participate in the incentivized system despite not having a smartphone.

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