Chatafisha DAO

Chatafisha DAO, stakeholders and governance

To champion sustainable waste management requires a pool of human and liquid resources channeled towards enabling a reward and value-oriented system for all the key parties in the chain. On the CHATAFISHA Platform, the Chatafisha DAO will be this pool of human and liquid resources.

The ChatafishaDAO create ways to empower communities in Africa and facilitate the development of human capital and the re-definition of public spaces. DAOs allow communities to self-govern and make decisions about how the organization is run, enabling them to drive their own development and bring about positive change in their region.

It's responsible for investing in research and development of existing and new recycling technologies at the same time investing in new and existing recycling companies or businesses. The goal is to allow existing recycling companies to scale quickly to have more waste collected and distributed for recycling and creation of reusable products.

Here, the reserved community fund will be accessible in the form of grants to those involved in recycling process. The DAO will also provide funding in form of small grants / equity funds to disruptive businesses involved in recycling.

Members of the ChatafishaDAO will include the following actors and investors in the waste management value chain:

  • Core community leaders interested in investing and Supporting waste management efforts

  • NGOs in the waste management and climate action space

  • Companies operating the waste management industry

  • Local and International government bodies interested in investing in and supporting waste management efforts

  • Individual investors who will stake specific quantities of the token in the DAO for voting.

They will all be key decision makers in the operations of the CHATAFISHADAO, providing the necessary human and financial support needed to sustain an efficient and eco-friendly waste management framework. Finally, in the long-run the ChatafishaDAO will serve as the Liquidity Pool for the stable coins pool and utility token.

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