How does it work?

Understand how Chatafisha dApp works, features, various stakeholders and how they can interact with the dApp and benefit

The Chatafisha D'app will look to create a sustainable value chain around plastic waste management by linking and incentivizing users through an upload / verify2earn model. Stakeholders such as investors, recyclers and funders such as organizations and energy or plastic companies that account for waste can fund different efforts as well as transparently see the updates and progress of their funding efforts.

The d'app will also be a way to link traditional players such as recyclers and aggregators and web3. This exposure will be one way to fund plastic collection efforts by being able to provide and verify quality plastic credits with information of their daily offsets stored on-chain.

Every community member is a potential stakeholder of Chatafisha. We are looking to empower people from different areas of our community to be onboarded and actively take part empowering the different areas they are from as well as the people around there. The goal is to create a full circular economy in the form of self sustainable subDAOs that can allow the people in these areas to have a say in their communities. We will be onboarding waste pickers, collectors and recyclers to web3 economy to enable them to attain a universal basic income above the low wages they normally receive.

Stakeholders of the dApp include community members from different areas & communities waste generators, waste collectors, waste recyclers, corporate organizations, volunteers, researchers, NGOs & everyone concerned about societal challenges such as waste and how it impacts our world.

Waste pickers and collectors can upload their daily verified offsets through the dApp where the partnered recyclers also confirm the amount and act as second verifiers. The information is then stored on the blockchain to avoid double counting and then data is made available for transparency for all parties. Once information is verified, waste pickers / projects are then streamlined tokens in the form of stable coins to their subwallets where they can then off-ramp into actually cash or their M-Pesa (mobile money)

d'App infrastracture

Our dApp is designed to connect users and funders to verified plastic recycling centers, allowing them to earn carbon credits for their efforts. Using the power of blockchain technology, our platform ensures that all transactions are clear, transparent, and verifiable. The stakeholders are incentivezed through a pool of funds which is converted into stablecoins to then be streamlined into the subwallets per milestones delivered/ verified information.

At the same time, our dApp also allows for the funding of public initiatives and public goods in a clear and transparent way. By leveraging the power of the blockchain, we can eliminate the need for intermediaries and ensure that all funds are used for their intended purpose. With our dApp, users and funders can contribute to a more sustainable world while also supporting important public initiatives

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