Waste collection points

Waste collection points benefits and how they can utilize the dApp to keep track of offsets, waste pickers

Waste collection points are designated centers where waste pickers go to sort, group, weigh and aggregate their plastic before selling them to recyclers. Most collection points own a smartphone enabling them to use and keep track of daily offsets of their waste pickers belonging to the station.

The dApp would benefit waste collection points who keep track of waste pickers without smartphones by providing an alternative method for tracking and managing waste collection. The platform could include a feature where waste pickers can be registered and tracked manually by the waste collection points. The waste collection points will also receive an incentive fee for keeping track of waste pickers who do not own a phone.

Once the collection points have put the data on the d'App, the information is then verified again by the Waste recyclers who act as second verifiers on the ground to verify the amount and quality of plastic received from various collection points.

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